Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I request my sleepover?

We ask that you start the booking process via our online reservation system as soon as you have selected a date. A deposit of 50% of the tent rental fee to be prepaid to secure your preferred date and theme. We request that your number of attendees is as accurate as possible.  You cannot decrease the number of tents selected after booking, however you can increase the number of tents subject to availability. 

What if I need to cancel my party?

You may cancel your party up to 14 days before the time of scheduled delivery in order to receive a full refund of the deposit. If you need to change the date within 13 days prior to the time of scheduled delivery, we are happy to reschedule your date.

What is the security deposit?

A fully refundable security deposit of $100 is due upon booking which will be refunded via the original form of payment within 48 hours after we pick up as long as the hired equipment is undamaged. 

When is the final payment due?

Final payment is due at least seven days prior to rental delivery. Payment for all personalized items needs to be made at least fourteen days in advance.

How much space do I need?

Each tent set up  is approximately 75 inches long x 3 ft wide x 4 ft high.  We are able to arrange the tents in various configurations (line-up, semi-circle, aisles). If you are unsure, please let us know the space dimensions available and we can figure out how they will fit in your space. Please keep in mind that if you are having the tents face towards each other, there needs to be enough room for guests to access their tents.  All furniture should be removed and floors cleaned prior to our arrival as Fetti & Fizz is unable to move furniture. For safety reasons, each tent is for one guest.

Can tents be set up outside?

Campouts are fun, but our tents are for indoor use only.

Do you stay and host the party?

We don’t stay and host the party, but we ensure everything is set up just as you need it.

How will my items be delivered?

Fetti & Fizz will deliver your tent party rental items along with any additional items you purchase. When you schedule your party, you will request a delivery window the day of your party and a pick-up time the day after your party.  Fetti & Fizz will reach out with the available times we have to accommodate you based on your preferences.

Set-up takes approximately up to 1 hour (depending on the quantity of tents) and pick-up takes up to 45 minutes.  Someone over the age of 18 must be present for delivery and pick-up. Please ensure pets are put away in a safe place during set-up and clean-up.

When your party is complete, we kindly request that all trash be tossed and personal items collected to help expedite the pick-up process.

Do guests need to bring anything?

Please ask all party guests to bring their own sleeping pillow for hygienic reasons.  Pillows provided by Fetti & Fizz are for decorative purposes only. If the set up area is chilly, you may need extra blankets.

How do you clean the party items?

All blankets and bed sheets are washed after each party, trays are sanitized, and decorative pillows and décor are steam cleaned and sanitized. 

Which areas of Chicago do you serve?

Fetti & Fizz provides services in a ten mile radius from Oz Park in Lincoln Park. Additional travel fees apply for outside the service area apply.  

What happens if an item is lost or damaged?

We get it, stuff happens. Especially when kids are involved! If an item is lost or damaged, we will notify you and you will be charged the retail price for its replacement.  

To avoid damage, please make sure that children do not use slime (it stains fabric), glow sticks (they can leak), nail polish, lipstick, makeup, markers, paint, hair color, colored drinks and food, in or around the tents.  Also, no sick children should be in the tents.  If any household members or guests are sick, we are happy to reschedule.

Are there any additional policies?
You can review the Terms of Service as part of the Booking process. Once we receive the deposit, the Terms of Service will apply.
Is there an age requirement?

Children must be at least 6 years of age unless an adult will be part of the tent experience such as Mommy and Me set ups. We do offer our tents to teens and adults as well. If your party guests are under 6, we recommend doing a sleepunder. Sleepunders are when guests do all the usual sleepover activities, however parents grab them before bedtime.

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