About Shilpa

Founder of Fetti & Fizz

I am a Chicago mom of two who loves to make party dreams come true.  I have always had a passion for hosting, planning, and creating.  After 20 years of planning (and attending!) events in Chicago, I decided to share my passion with others by launching a party planning business for all ages.  Nothing says party like confetti and bubbles, thus Fetti & Fizz was born.  I have enjoyed spreading joy the past two years and the challenges from 2020 certainly kept me on my toes.  I was able to reimagine how to party by creating a virtual party scene for those who weren’t sure how to celebrate.  I am grateful to my clients for trusting me with their special occasions in a new, reinvented landscape. Thank you to my fellow collaborators for pivoting along with me!

My fondest childhood memories were from sleepovers and I want to help you create those memories for your family (minus the prank phone calls) in a unique and magical way.  In June of 2019, I added sleepover tent rentals as part of Fetti & Fizz’s offerings.  I know how busy life gets and that there is never enough time for it all.  My goal is to make a sleepover party seamless by bringing the old school fun to you. We come over and create a themed tent set up filled with whimsy and wonder so you can focus on making lasting memories and connections.  These sleepover experiences were temporarily on hold due to the pandemic, but Fetti & Fizz sleepovers are back! They’re perfect for siblings, Mommy and Me, BFFs, and small pods.  2021 is off to a great start and I am optimistic that we will be partying like it’s 1999 very soon.